The Freshman Guide: Off-Campus Transportation

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We covered all your on-campus transportation needs with this post, but it’s now time to talk other forms of transportation. From airports to Uber and even chariot rides, Penn State has you covered .


Getting around town


In addition to our famed CATA buses, Uber is also a great way to ride around town. Equipped with a mobile app, Uber is loved by many students at Penn State. Whether it be taking a quick run to Target or taking an Uber from Sparks to South Halls (I’ve seen it all), Uber will be your best friend. Watch out though, because Uber does have surge pricing.

To put it simply, when Uber is in high demand, the prices go up to ensure availability. This typically happens during football weekends, so be sure to split fares during this time.

Bonus: Check out where Penn Staters Ubered the most in 2016. Coming in at first was apartment complex, The Retreat


Uber App – iPhone/Android/Windows


Although sometimes seen as a thing of the past, there are a few taxi services in State College. A few good ones to check out are Happy Valley Ride, AA Taxi  and Nittany Taxi.

Vamos! Lion Chariot

It’s only right for me to throw this in here too. Vamos! Lion Chariot is a locally owned service that gives downtown and campus tours in style. You’ll likely find the drivers with a huge smile on their faces, waving to everyone.  These are great for dates, campus tours or even just something to do.

Surprisingly, there too, is an app for that.

Getting Home (like home, home)

In addition to riding around town, there are also many options to get to your house (where mom and dad live), easily from State College.

Greyhound & Fullington

These two bus services are great options for students on campus who live in metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, DC, and King of Prussia and more. The best part about these two services is that the bus terminal is on campus (just take the blue loop and hop off at the Walker Building), making it great for those who live on campus. In addition, Fullington offers a free ride after five rides with the service.


Similarly to the two mentioned above, Megabus is another option for students traveling home. The only difference is that the Megabus stop is located at the Wal-Mart on North Atherton Street. The price range is also pretty wide – some days you can get a ticket for $5 and the other days its $50. So be sure to plan ahead.

University Park Airport

We even have an airport! Although very small (read: one terminal), the University Park Airport can get you to major hubs in the northeast and midwest. The airport has big time airlines such as United, Delta and American that fly out as well.

  • In addition, the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA), your student government, sometimes offers free shuttles to the airport during peak travel times such as the end of finals and breaks. Be sure to check out their website to find out the next time they’re offering shuttle service.


I told you we had a lot of options. Just 45 minutes up the road in Lewistown there’s an Amtrak station as well. I’m not too sure how many students actually use this option, but it doesn’t hurt to include it.

So there you go. An exhaustive list of transportation options at Penn State. Be sure to check out our other freshman advice here



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