Editor in Chief
Adriana Lacy | Email | Twitter

Chief of Staff 
Michelle Lin

Head of Brand Strategy
Candice Crutchfield | Email | Twitter

Copy Editor 
Megan Fletcher | Email 

Assistant Copy Editor
Dana Patterson | Email | Twitter

RISE Magazine Editor 
Nicole Dantzler  | Email |

Identity Editor 
Isabella LangstonEmail | Twitter

Sports Editor
Cristian Flores

Creative Director
John Ott

Social Media Editor
Alexis Collins

Audience Engagement Manager
Hannah Swarts | Email

Social Media Managers
Woohee Byun
Samantha Beltram

Photography Editor
Morgan Campbell

Assistant Photography Editor
Hieu Hoang | Email | Twitter

Communication Managers
Tayah Price | Email | Twitter
Davonna Burriss | Email | Twitter 

Ben Lambert | Email | Twitter
Jesse Onyango-Opiyo | Email | Twitter
Baidi Wang | Email | Twitter

Marketing Manager
Meghna Choudhary | Email 

Marketing Associate
Nayole Augusto | Email

Staff Writers
Sumit Pareek | EmailTwitter
Billy Smith
Kaitlyn Aguiles | Email 
Kaleah Mcilwain | Email
Stephanie Keyaka | Email | Twitter
Andrew Mickle | Email | Twitter
Alanna Boston | Email | Twitter
Shiva Patel | Email | Twitter
Gregory Carvajal 
Matt Wilkinson 
Paige Herer

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